Wednesday, 17 July 2019


So, I went without social media for a full seven days. I mean, completely. I deleted Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit from my phone and did not look at any of them the whole seven days. The reason I decided to do this was because my depression took a serious nose dive and I was in the worst black hole abyss piece of shit hellhole I have ever been in. The absolute rock bottom. At my absolute worst.I started experiencing a lot of paranoia surrounding my depression and friends and family not being as supportive as I feel they should be. This is your irrational mind thinking. This is what dominates you when you have depression and anxiety combined. This is how you think, feel and react. You see, it kinda feels like the world just stops and you're in animated suspension while everyone else is carrying on with life and the world keeps spinning for them. You don't know how to get back into alignment with everyone else. Nothing feels right. Everything feels backwards, like you're in another dimension. And what better way to realign yourself than to detox from social media. Most people would think that it wouldn't make much of a difference until they actually did it. And I was one of those people. I am certainly going to own up to being wrong.
Social media does have a negative affect on your recovery from depression. Most people are in denial about this. They think that it helps them to communicate with others. However, the more time you spend on social media, the less time you spend focusing on yourself and your recovery. You remain distracted. Days go by. Months. Years. What changes? Nothing. You become obsessed with checking your phone every other minute.
You play Candy Crush for hours. You neglect yourself. You neglect your life. You neglect your recovery. Recovery takes action. Action takes time. If you have no time. You can't recover. Having online friendships is great. But, when you stop doing things in real life because you would rather  have a life online that's when things become blurred. Reality takes a back seat and you slip deeper into the abyss of depression. Being off social media for seven days has led me to become more in sync with my true self. I started to have a clearer mind and to think more rationally. I started to feel like there was hope. A future. I started cleaning my house more. I de-cluttered and made sure I feel comfortable in my own home.You might think that now that my seven day social media cleanse is over that things will go back to normal. Well, not quite. I am still keeping social media off my phone and I will only go on when I am on my PC. And I can't be on my PC all day. That is not the last of it though. I want to take things further and do a 14 day social media cleanse. I hope you learn something from this and realise that you can take some time away from it all in order to heal yourself.

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